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LSXWorks supports YOU with GM & Holden LSX Conversion Solutions - It's ALL We Do!

Our aim at LSXWorks is to bring you high quality products and services built around responsive and friendly service.
  • E85 Flex Fuel Kits for Sensor Based E38, E67, E40 GM ECM's ECU's Engine Controllers.
  •           NOTE: World First for Flex Fuel E85 Ethanol on E40 ECM ECU's.
  • Gen III & Gen IV GM, Holden, Chev High Performance Wiring Harnesses
  • Custom High Performance Wiring Harnesses for Kit Cars, Retrofits and Special Builds
    • Muscle Cars, Cobra & GT40, Ultima, Factory Five, Trucks, Hot Rods, Boats!
    • ICV - Individually Constructed Vehicles, Replicas and Kit Cars
  • DIY - Do It Yourself Wiring Harnesses - we supply the parts & instructions - You supply the time
  • GM Gen III & Gen IV ECM's: E67 E38 E40 TCM's T42, T43, PCM's LS1, ECU's
  • GMPP Controllers - Challenges with your GMPP LS Harness or Controller? We Can Help!
  • GMPP eRod - New Controller & Powertrain kit for ULEV/EuroIV/EuroV Emissions Compliance
  • ECM/PCM & TCM calibration and conversion tuning
    • Specialising in GM 6L80E & 6L90E 6 Speed & 4L60E 4L65E 4 Speed Automatics
    • Paddle Shifting, Driver Shift Control, Tiptronic
    • And of course Manuals - T56 and others, & TH350, TH400, 700R4 and Powerglide Autos
  • Conversion Extension Harnesses - O2, Cam, Knock, Injector extensions & Connectors.
  • Gen III and Gen IV Delphi LS Electrical Sensor & Control Connectors
  • Fuel System Components - Filter/Regulators and GM style Quick Connects
Project links: First Gen 1 Camaro in the world with A6

New Gen IV E38 Conversion Harnesses from $999
Subject to availability - Basic Manual Version - Plus GST

Engine Controller Conversion Tuning

ECM, PCM & ECU Conversion and Retrofit Tuning

LS1 A & B, E40, E38, E67 tuning

GMPP LS Harness Controller Fixups and Tuning.

......ECM full conversion tune from $390 inc GST.

Security/VATS from: $99 inc GST

VATS/Tires/Speedo/Tacho/Fans: $229 inc GST

Transmission Controller Tuning

                                                  T42 & T43 TCM's

......from $99 inc GST.

We also offer custom 4L60E 4L65E T42 TCM Controller Tuning to remove the need for an Input Speed Sensor - ISS - conversion.

All available via quick turnaround MAIL ORDER!


E85 Ethanol Fuel Tuning!

Green Tunes for your Holden or Chev!

Green Biofuel based E85 - Cleaner Emissions too!

World First - Ethanol Sensor integration and Ethanol Flex Fuel E85 tuning for E40 ECM - ECU for LS2 - Corvette, GTO, HSV, TBSS, CTS and other E40 Controlled Vehicles.

Our R&D effort has enabled us to offer tuning for GM PCM's & ECM's to support E85.

For regular Unleaded, to E10, right through to E85 & E100 and anywhere in between!

We also offer adjustable E85 Flex Fuel control.

And on top of all that - friendly advice to help you make the right choices!

Whether your conversion needs to support a stock or mild LS-X, a high winding LS7 Crate Motor, or an LSX iron block in an early or late model GM or non GM vehicle, we can help support your project.

Only LSXWorks is totally dedicated performance wiring harnesses and ECM & TCM tuning for Conversions using the most popular V8 in the World - GM's Gen 3 & 4 - LSX's.

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